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Le château

"Well, there ar no battlements or towers. Of course it isn’t a castle and we certainly aren’t lords, but when the people call it le château, so it should be." - Gerard en Miek, Salveredonde


The house locally known as Le Château de Salveredonde was renovated in 2017 with love and respect for its history. Original details, such as fireplaces, moldings, cement tiles, doors, all have been maintained and combined with modern architecture, design and art. Ties that keep the house together and wooden beams that support it, are left visible. Together with antique furniture, which has belonged to the place for centuries, these constructive elements are now united with the architectural renovation and contemporary art. Old and new blend together in perfect harmony. The soul of the house shines as never before; the château has begun its second youth. Oh, là, là!


After searching for five years we found this striking house in Salveredonde to start a B&B. We that is Dutch family from the Netherlands. Each cliché counts for us as well. It was love at first sight. Within two hours after the first visit we signed the sale contract! We immediately knew, this is the space to create a little paradise to cook, garden and write. It is the place to simply enjoy the good life and share it with others. 


What we did not dare to expect is that here everything falls into place. Furniture and art, pieces we have had for thirty years, seem to be made for this house. As for us, from the start we too felt at home in the large and intimate quarters. 

Het team van Oh, le château!


De kat van Oh, le château!


Quirky and a little shy. The little white adventurer runs through the meadow on her short paws, climbs high in trees or lounges in the shade of greenery.

De kok van Oh, le château!


Gerard is a designer in heart and soul. As an architect he realizes buildings and as a cook the most delicious meals. The renovation of the house and the dishes on the table clearly carry his signature.

The owner of Oh, le château!


Miek had a career as a nurse. Caring and pampering are her first nature. Her delicious jams and granola, crispy sheets, heart warming laughter show for it.

The host of Oh, le château!


Kim is a Jack of all trades with a background in the cultural sector. Ensures a warm welcome and a smile at breakfast. If she is not working in the garden, she is in the kitchen; patisserie is her latest passion.

De hond van Oh, le château!


The mascot of Oh, le château! Always happy to see you. Everyone's friend. Playmate for young and old alike. Border collie. Speedy, smart and sensitive, that is our Louca.


We are not the first and we definitely will not be the last guardians of the castle. Generation after generation the house belonged to the same family. It functioned as a mansion of a rich farmer and later on as a summer estate to escape the heat of the city. We do not know yet all the historical details, but stories are promising. Once upon a time a very successful jockey lived here who kept his horses in the meadow. Two spinsters, sisters, are said to have produced silk at the property. Left behind and signed charcoal drawings suggest a family member was gifted with some artistic talent. Now, the drawings hang in the room La Joséphine. And there was this globetrotter who wherever he was took cuttings from trees and planted them back home. Et voilà, that explains the giant sequoias on the land of Oh, le château!


De vorige bewoners van Oh, le château!
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