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De tuin en voorgevel van Oh, le château!


Oh, le château! is 10 minutes from the highway and 1.5 hours from Toulouse airport. Easily accessible and also easy to find. The hamlet of Salveredonde even owes its name to its strategic location…



A life without coal and wine? Impossible! So in the old days people came all the way from Villefranche de Rouergue to Carmaux by ox wagon do do some shopping. The outward journey of 50 kilometers was not a problem at all, but the way back meant a tough climb for the wagons heavily loaded with precious cargo. The most severe climb ended in Salveredonde. If you managed to reach the top without breaking the yoke of the wagon, so without losing the cargo, the villagers would shout out: Salvé Redonde, Long live the coal! And, of course, long live the carbon and the wine! 

Oh, le château! is omringd door groene graslanden
Oh, le château! van bovenaf gefotografeerd
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